Think BIG, start small....move fast

fUNCTIONAL eXPERTISE TO dELIVER Results not just Reports

CX Transformation


Bring a customer-in perspective instead of a company-out... we help you to better understand how your customers perceive your brand, what they value vs nice to have; we work with you  to map the customer journey then improve your critical business processes across all functions to identify and remove unnecessary friction....we then ensure that everyone (every function, every level) in your organization is aligned and accountable for the key processes and moments that matter

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Analytics & Research


Big data, small data, no data? We get you powerful actionable insights by utilizing all your in-house and externally available data and research Market Insights (look-a-like modeling & targeting, focus groups, conjoint, Marketing effectiveness & ROI...)

Customer Insights (CLTV, Predictive modeling, customer segmentation...) Employee Insights (D&I assessment and scorecards, performance analysis,, employee engagement...)

Supply chain insights (Spend cube development, balance of trade assessment, operations scorecards...)

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Marketing Services


Change the conversation from spend to much does the marketing function return for every dollar spent in it? Are you relying on marketing from the 90s/80s? Pretty pictures, nice fonts, and music work if accompanied with the right message, the right offer to the right person(s) at the right time.... we help you identify your authentic brand voice which is market relevant. We will also manage product & services innovation for your target markets and develop integrated campaigns to attract, retain and grow your customers

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Voice of the Stakeholder


Are you wondering how your stakeholders perceive your brand? ...ask them. Need help getting your key stakeholders engaged and driving your business? ....tell them.

We help design, execute and embed programs to capture and respond to feedback at key touch points in your value chain....we design the appropriate instruments and cadence based on your business objectives ... no feedback is worse than negative feedback....programs for Employees, Customers or Members, Suppliers

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Supply Chain


The business environment is rapidly changing and the expectations of end consumers and B2B customers are converging. Legacy supply chains have to evolve or get left behind.  A.I., Block chain, the sharing economy and Amazon effect are disruptive forces that companies have to respond to. This is a huge opportunity to transform for competitive advantage.  We help you tap into the value of your operations and supply relations to extract strategic, enduring, competitive advantage. 

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SHJv - Capital Ventures


Do you have a new idea, new product, new business or  struggling with the existing? After an initial assessment, we will partner (Time, Talent &/or Treasure) with selective new &/or existing  businesses to launch, relaunch and/or scale up their opportunities.  

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